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Non-invasive Ventilator SV300

Item #: AM-COR-0001-ZP

Model: SV300

Regulatory Status: Approved by Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices.

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Product Details

Application: Medical Use

Powerful function
· SV300 is the first domestic electric turbine ventilator
· Through a series of technical solutions, it has broken through the core technology to achieve precise control and stability of the flow rate, solved the contradiction between noise and heat dissipation, and has a constant-current VCV that exceeds the world-class electric turbine ventilator. The SV300 responds faster to the patient's inhalation, and the system control is more stable than the common independent turbo variable-speed control ventilator.
· SV300 has a comprehensive ventilation mode of ICU, and also supports NIV (non-invasive ventilation) and continuous aerobic function; in addition to routine monitoring parameters, it can also monitor advanced parameters such as airway dead space and alveolar ventilation

Flexible and easy to use
· SV300, which won the 2015 Red Dot Industrial Design Award, is one of the smallest and lightest intensive care ventilator in the world
Simple and intuitive interface interaction design allows users to adjust the ventilation mode in two steps
· Pitch-adjustable touch screen for doctors of different heights to comfortably observe and adjust ventilator parameters
· Multi-view alarm light design can be seen quickly on both sides, which is convenient for doctors to respond quickly in a short time
· CE compliant, newly designed removable breathing valve and suction valve make cleaning and disinfection easy
· The multi-functional trolley design adopts the design of universal guide slot, which can be interchanged from left to right, and can communicate with each other up and down, which can easily fix all the accessories, which can flexibly and conveniently meet the doctor's clinical needs and avoid misoperation during installation.

Clinical universal
· We know how important continuity in respiratory therapy is for patients. With its powerful turbo-powered SV300, every patient can be safely protected no matter where they are. With a weight of less than 10kg and a smart volume, the SV300 is not only suitable for ICU, but also fully qualified for in-hospital transportation and movement.
· Intensive treatment
· Critical Support
· Emergency treatment
· Hospital transfer

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