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VersaTREK Automated Microbial Detection System, 240 Model

Item #: AM-COR-0002-YXR

Model: VersaTREK 6240

Regulatory Status: Approved by Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices.

Maximum annual bottle capacity: 5-day blood culture = 10,500; 7-day blood culture = 7,500
Line voltage:110V +/- 10%

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Product Details

Application: Medical Use

Features: 1. The only system capable of detecting any gas produced or consumed by microorganisms, which is convenient to detect a wider range of common and caustic bacteria.
2.Simplified workflow includes easy flask input scanning, intuitive icons to reduce training time, and no daily QC is required to maximize efficiency.
3.Highly enriched REDOX medium supports a wide range of microorganisms, resulting in better detection of caustic bacteria.

This fully automatic system can perform blood culture and sterile body fluid tests, mycobacterial detection and Mtb drug sensitivity tests, highlighting the system's high efficiency, space-saving and cost-saving features.

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