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High-frequency Jet Ventilator TKR-300CG

Item #: AM-VEN-0004-ZP

Model: TKR-300CG

Regulatory Status: Approved by Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices.

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Product Details

Application: Medical Ventilator

Features: 1. The oxygen supply device adopts pulse jet oxygen supply technology, which has a large instantaneous oxygen supply flow rate. When oxygen is supplied, the exchange mode coexists with convection, laminar flow, and sheet flow. At the same time, the pulsed oxygen flow into the airway thoracic fluctuations is conducive to the discharge of carbon dioxide.
2. Jet oxygen supply has pressure support during inhalation and has certain PEEP effect during oxygen supply, so it can have better oxygen supply effect.
3. There is a built-in battery in the machine, which can be used while charging and can be used for 4 hours after power failure.
4. Audible and visual alarm with insufficient battery and insufficient airway pressure.
5. Imported pressure sensor digital display.
6. There are three airway pressure upper limit alarms for adults: 2.0kPa, children: 1.0kPa and infants: 0.5kpa.
7. The machine is equipped with a pressure humidifier, which has a good humidification effect on the inhaled air.

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