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Ventilator PA-700A

Item #: AM-VEN-0006-ZP

Regulatory Status: Approved by Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices.

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Product Details

Application: Medical Ventilator

Features: 1. Large color screen, real-time display of frequency, tidal volume, ventilation volume, pressure, oxygen concentration, airway resistance, lung compliance and other parameters, while displaying pressure-time, flow-time waveform.
2. Ventilation function: invasive, non-invasive, manual ventilation function.
3. Working mode: capacity adjustment, time switching, pressure limitation.
4. After the AC and DC power supply fails, you can breathe manually.
5. After the AC power supply fails, it can be automatically converted to DC power supply.
6, modular, mold-based environmental protection overall frame.
7. The airtightness of the whole machine is good, the air resistance is extremely small, and it is easy to clean.
8, with control, auxiliary / control, SIPPV, IPPV, SIMV, IMV, MANU and other breathing modes, and PEEP, SIGH, SPONT and other breathing functions.
9. Maximum ventilation per minute: ≥18L.
10. Inhaled oxygen concentration: 21%, adjustable.
11, SIGH air supply volume: the inspiration time is not less than 1.5 times the original set value.
12. Lung compliance: ≤ 30m L / kPa.
13. Alarm mode: triple alarm with sound and light.
14, with screen lock, standby (Standby), alarm list and other functions.
15, with automatic compensation for ventilation.
16. Equipped with infrared, rotary, high-precision pressure sensors and dual flow sensors.

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