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HUMID-BM High Flow Respiratory Humidification Therapy Instrument

Item #: AM-COR-0001-LC

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Product Details

Application: It is suitable for patients with spontaneous breathing, and provides breathing therapy by providing a set concentration, set flow, and heated humidified gas.

Features: Provide high-flow, high-concentration, near-100% relative humidity mixed oxygen gas to achieve the following effects:
Maintain a stable high inhaled oxygen concentration and increase effective alveolar ventilation.
Reduce the dead space in the nasopharynx and establish an oxygen-rich storage room in the upper airway to improve breathing efficiency.
Generate low-level positive end-expiratory pressure to promote alveolar opening.
Good humidification improves mucosal cleaning function, promotes sputum discharge and reduces the chance of infection.
Comfortable, well tolerated, and high patient compliance

HUMID-BM High Flow Respiratory Humidification Therapy Instrument provides a higher flow rate than conventional oxygen therapy during patient respiratory therapy / high-flow oxygen therapy. It is an ideal solution for providing temperature and humidity controllable mixed gas with adjustable oxygen concentration to achieve airway management and increased oxygenation.

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