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OH-60A High Flow Non-Invasive Respiratory Humidification Therapy Instrument

Item #: AM-COR-0002-LC

Model: OH-60A

Model: OH-60A
Flow setting: 2L / min-60 L / min
Temperature setting: 31 ℃, 34 ℃, 37 ℃
Oxygen concentration monitoring function: Yes
Trend Review: Temperature, Humidity, Oxygen Concentration, and Flow Review Waveforms for 1 Day, 3 Days, and 7 Days
User interface: nasal plug interface, tube cutting interface
Real-time monitoring parameters: flow, temperature, oxygen concentration
Alarm tips: Pipeline alarm, blockage alarm, temperature alarm, power failure alarm, prompt about low ambient temperature prompt and flow not reaching the preset value

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Product Details

The high-flow non-invasive breathing humidification therapy instrument is used for patients with spontaneous breathing, and provides effective treatment by providing a certain flow and warming humidified breathing gas. These patients include patients accepting humidification therapy, oxygen therapy, tracheal intubation, and tracheotomy.

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